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Ah summer...beach picnics, tan legs, strawberry mojitos, and new collections at Viva O Sol!!! Viva O Sol and vivaosol.com will be carrying a summer 2018 line from Misa Los Angeles that is swoon worthy. The best part? These pieces can easily transition from morning mimosas to sunset date nights!


First in the lookbook at Viva O Sol….Elisa Dress by Misa Los Angeles.

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misa elisa dress.png

On model: Elisa Dress by Misa Los Angeles, sold at Viva O Sol


That’s right. You speak the language of relaxation today. It’s not hard to hear the sweet crashing waves and seagulls overhead, or feel those toes dipping into the sand while perfecting that sun kissed glow, of course. Sink into the ultimate chill vibes with our newest Elisa Dress at Viva O Sol from Misa Los Angeles.

You know those days when you want to look hot, but don’t want to put in all the effort?? You know what I’m talking about...when blowing out your hair is just way too much work.

Let the Elisa Dress from Misa Los Angeles do the work for you! No effort is required here. Sky blue, pops of subtle red, a cascading ruffle shoulder that simply accentuates the collarbone (because who doesn’t love accentuating their collar bone…?!), and just long enough to not blow right up with a gust of wind on a crisp day, this dress is giving us breezy, sexy, wavy-haired- inducing vibes.

 Next in the lookbook from Misa Los Angeles …our newest Aryan Top and Layal Skirt at Viva O Sol!

misa la aryan top layal skirt.png

Top: Aryan Top/ Bottom: Layal Skirt by Misa Los Angeles, sold at Viva O Sol


Slip into this fire engine red ruffle top with a spaghetti strap-off-the-shoulder- cutout of delightfully seductive, golden shoulder goodness! Or course, we can’t forget this adorable white and pop of red twirling skirt that just makes you want to gallivant all day on a beach with some gladiator sandals, and then throw on a pair of red strappy heels for a night out.

Why This Outfit is a Must…..


How can one outfit be so perfectly versatile?? Dressed up or down, this ensemble is an essential day to night outfit, ready for whatever mischievousness you have in mind. Who wants to pack a million outfits for a weekend getaway on the beach?? No one wants to lug around a heavy suitcase on vacation! Do yourself a favor…

pack simply, pack lightly, but first….visit Viva O Sol. 

Day to night, beach to evening boat ride, day cruise to a harbor dinner, the Aryan Top paired with the Layal Skirt will always be the perfect combination of classy, sexy, flirty, and just….easy.

 Introducing the Camelia Skirt from the new summer 2018 collection by Misa Los Angeles!


On models: Camelia Skirt by Misa Los Angeles


Can’t you just picture sipping a cocktail (or let’s face it, maybe two), on the bow of a beautiful boat in San Tropez or Miami, just wishing every day could be as effortlessly beautiful as you feel in our new Misa Los Angeles summer 2018 collection from Viva O Sol? 

Dive into summer 2018 in style...check back soon on our blog for more Misa Los Angeles summer looks to come, at Viva O Sol or vivaosol.com!!


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February 09, 2018 — Erin Garcia

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