Camilla - Heart of a Dragon Paperbag Trackpant

$ 499.00
By Camilla


The Heart Of A Dragon Paperbag Trackpant captures the gaze with a sea of royal blue hues complete with blooming botanica, moments of utter vibrancy and the majesty of dragon dreamscapes. Crafted from breathable cotton, these luxury track pants play host to an elasticated drawstring waist, metallic hardware that complements hand-embellished crystals, pocket functionality and a relaxed slimline silhouette.

- Heart Of A Dragon Paperbag Trackpant
- Our Natural Lore Part II
- Inspired by the dragon's supernatural power and untamed nature
- Handcrafted
- Designed in Australia
- CAMILLA Ready-to-wear
- Elasticated waist
- Adjustable tie
- Pockets
- Crystal embellishment

100% Cotton